Why intended parents use embryo transfers

Embryo transfers are a fantastic choice for intending parents with the following circumstances:-

Fallopian tube damage or blockage:

The egg will not be able to fertilize and travel to the uterus if your fallopian tubes are damaged or blocked.

Ovulation disorders:

Menstrual irregularities or absences result in fewer available eggs, making pregnancy more difficult.

Poor sperm motility

Male factor infertility is common. ICSI is an effective method of fertilizing an egg to achieve a successful embryo.


As uterine tissue implants outside the uterus, this affect the function of ovaries, uteruses, and fallopian tubes.

Uterine fibroids:

The uterine wall is affected by begin tumors that can interfere with embryo implantation.

Tubal ligation:

Embryo transfer and IVF can help you conceive after your fallopian tubes have been permanently removed.

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