When is TESA-PESA treatment performed? 

TESA and PESA are usually performed when men are not able to release sperm via ejaculation naturally. 

It may be because of the blockage of the vas deferens or epididymis.

In TESA, sperm is collected directly from the testicles, and in PESA, it is collected from the epididymis.

Following are the conditions in which TESA PESA Treatment are performed: –


Azoospermia is a condition in which men’s ejaculation contains no sperm. It is 10 to 15% of the cause of male infertility. 

Testicular Failure

Klinefelter’s syndrome or other abnormalities of the y chromosome leads to testicular failure.


Varicocele is a condition characterized by benign testicular cysts. A group of varicose veins growing within the epididymis can give rise to varicocele.

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