IVF Treatment: How does it work?

Treatment techniques vary from clinic to clinic. Steps that are common to all are as follows:

1. Superovulation

Firstly, females are provided with fertility drugs to encourage superovulation or stimulation.

2. Retrieving the Egg

Follicular aspiration is the process of retrieving eggs. It's an anesthesia-induced surgical procedure.

3. Sperm Collection

The process of egg removal involves collecting samples of sperm from either the donor or partner. After collecting the sperm, the healthiest ones are inserted into a spin cycle.

4. Insemination and Fertilization

Insemination is the process of combining sperm and the most fertile eggs. This process usually takes a few hours to fertilize an egg.

5. Embryo Transfer

To prepare the uterus layer to receive the embryo, a woman is given another medication after collecting the egg.

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