Couples recommended for IVF must undergo various examinations and procedures:

What is the IVF process steps?

IVF treatment can be physically and emotionally exhausting for a couple.


Counsellors can help couples understand their treatment regimen and express their concerns, which are important, before starting the procedure.


Stimulation of the ovaries leads to the maturation of the follicles.


The growth of these follicles is monitored for 10-12 days.This process helps control the size, quality, and a number of follicles.


Medication and final stimulation lead to the release of the adult egg. The collected egg is then sent to the embryologist for processing in the ART laboratory.

Ovum Retrieval

The male partner was asked to provide a fresh sperm sample on the same day.

Sperm collection

The prepared sperm and egg are fertilized in laboratory conditions to form an embryo.

 Embryo transfer

After embryo transfer, the ART specialist may prescribe medications and other routine care to increase the chances of implantation.

Care after transfer