What is TESA and PESA?

What is TESA?

TESA stands for Testicular Sperm Aspiration. It is an assistive reproductive procedure performed for men to retrieve sperm for IVF or ICSI.

A needle attached to a syringe is inserted in the testicles, and sperms are aspirated. Compared to PESA, TESA is more complex.

It is usually performed when there is no sperm found within the epididymis.

What is PESA?

PESA stands for Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration.

It is less complicated than TESA as in this treatment doctor directly inserts a needle into a man’s epididymis, the tube connecting the testicles to retrieve the sperm.

It is done with local anesthesia in the operating room or clinic and is coordinated with the female partner’s egg retrieval.

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