Physicians usually follow the same procedure each time to obtain eggs and fertilize with IVF.

What are the types of Embryo Transfer?

Once fertilized, there are several different options for embryo transfer:-

Once the eggs are fertilized, they are cultured for 1-2 days. The best embryos are selected for transfer directly to a woman's uterus.

Fresh Embryo Transfer

Any healthy embryo that is not used in the first transfer can be frozen and stored for future use. It can be digested and transferred to the uterus.

Frozen Embryo Transfer

When many healthy embryos are formed after fertilization, all you have to do is wait for the embryos to become blastocysts. 

Blastocyst Embryo Transfer

Single Embryo Transfer is the practice of transferring only one embryo to a woman's uterus.

Single Embryo Transfer

Transferring many embryos is as simple as transferring more than one embryo.

Multiple Embryo Transfers

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