What are the side effects of IVF?

Swelling of the abdomen is a more common side effect of egg donation and is usually felt before and after egg retrieval.


Cramping occurs in many patients at various stages of the IVF process. This may be a normal response to hormonal changes.


At this stage of IVF, you are still taking hormones in preparation for the possibility of pregnancy.

Breast Tenderness

The hormonal changes in some fertility drugs cause mood swings and depression.

Mood swings

IVF and embryo, transfer treatment may be associated with different levels of headache.


After IVF injection, the bruising is normal. This area can also be painful and somewhat painful to the touch.

Bruising from shots

Some women experience allergic reactions to the injections. This may include a skin rash or redness at the injection site.

Allergic reaction to medicines

Infertility treatment, which causes too many eggs to grow, increases the likelihood of getting pregnant with twins, triplets or more.

Higher risk for multiple births

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