Treatment Options For Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy happens anywhere outside the uterus, so it cannot result in a successful pregnancy.

The treatment options for ectopic pregnancy are determined by the size and location of the pregnancy, as well as the patient's overall health.

- There is a standard medicine called methotrexate that is used for treating ectopic pregnancy.


- It is given as an injection, and a regular blood test is requested to check the effectiveness of the medicine.

- This medication stops the embryo cells from growing and ends the pregnancy.

- Surgery is needed if the fallopian tube has been damaged. In this procedure, surgeons remove the embryo and repair the internal damage, if any. This process is called a laparotomy.


- In this process, the doctor inserts a tiny camera through a small incision so the surgeon can see the area needing treatment.

- Depending on the fallopian tube condition, it may be removed entirely with the pregnancy or fertilized egg or, if possible, will terminate only the pregnancy.

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