What are the Symptoms of PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)?

The most common Symptoms of PCOS are as follows:

1. Irregular Periods

A missed or irregular period is one of the most common symptoms of PCOS.

2. Infertility

PCOS is the most common cause of female infertility. It also affects ovulation.

3. Pimple or Acne

These occur mostly on the sensitive areas of the skin, such as the face, chest, back, cheeks, and upper neck.

4. Obesity

Patients with PCOS generally gain weight, especially around the shoulders, neck, and arms and also have trouble losing weight.

5. Cysts

Many women sufferings from PCOS have many small cysts in their ovaries.

6. Tiredness or Fatigue

Tiredness or Fatigue is another leading symptom of PCOS, which is caused due to imbalance of hormones.

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