Steps Involved in PESA 

1. Administration of Anesthesia

PESA is performed by giving local anesthesia directly into the scrotum. This numbs the area and prevents the pain sensation during the whole procedure.

2. Examine the Testes

The doctor will then do antiseptic swabbing of the scrotum to disinfect the area before the procedure. Then will examine the testes and locate the vas deferens to detect any blockage or abnormalities.

3.Sperm Extraction

After locating the vas deferens, the doctor inserts a small needle into the vas deferens or epididymis. Then using a syringe doctor aspirates the seminal fluid from the epididymis.

4. Examine the Sperm

After retrieving the seminal fluid doctor examines for healthy and motile sperm. Doctors can repeat the complete PESA procedure till they do not find adequate sperm.

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