Signs of High Fertility in Woman

Having Regular Period

The first signs of high fertility is having regular periods without any disruption or delay is a good sign of being fertile.

Cervical Mucus

The ovulatory period will allow the woman to estimate her most fertile days as it is one of the indicators to know when a woman is in her menstrual cycle.


Sometimes a woman may notice light spotting during the middle of the cycle. This can be just the leftover blood from menstruation.

Breast Tenderness

Some women feel breast tenderness at the time they ovulate. This is because of the increase in the progesterone hormone which the body produces after ovulation.

Lower Abdominal Pain

Some may experience sharp, lower abdominal pain, usually during the middle of their cycle, and is called mittelschmerz.


You may feel bloated around ovulation which is very similar to the bloating you get right before your period.

Mild Nausea

Many women have the problem of nausea before their periods start, which is sometimes mistaken for morning sickness.


Women who suffer from headaches during menstruation and there is a good chance of getting a headache during ovulation.

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