Positive signs to look for after an embryo transfer

The following are the symptoms you may experience after the embryo transfer: –

1.  Bleeding or spotting

One of the earliest sign of a positive pregnancy's spotting or light bleeding after embryo transfer.

2. Cramping

Cramping may be a sign that menstruation is near, but it could be a positive sign of embryo transfer success.

3. Breast Changes

The presence of tenderness or swelling in your breasts could indicate a successful embryo transfer.

4. Tiredness or fatigue

During early pregnancy, many women experience fatigue, a sign of a successful embryo transfer.

5. Bloating

Another positive sign of embryo transfer is feeling bloated in your lower abdomen, which is similar to feeling bloated before your period.

6. Nausea

Your body is starting to feel the effect of pregnancy harmones after a successful transfer, so nausea can be another sign.

7. Changes in Vaginal Discharge

After the embryo transfer, women may experience changes in vaginal discharge.

8. Missed period

After embryo transfer, a missed period can be an indication of pregnancy, especially if your menstrual cycle is normal.

9. Frequent Urination

It is an early sign of pregnancy. It is due to the increased levels of pregnancy hormone HCG. This can be because of the successful embryo transfer.

10. No symptoms

No matter what, if none of these symptoms appear after 7 days of embryo transfer, it does not mean your embryo did not implant.

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