Factors That Influence the Cost of IUI Treatment in India 

The following are the factors that affect the IUI treatment cost in India:- 1. Type of Infertility, 2. Woman’s Age, 3. Number of Cycles Required, 4. Medicines, 5. Follicle Monitoring.

1. Type of Infertility

If the cause of infertility is a male factor or unexplained, then IUI can be recommended And is also less expensive than IVF. IVF is generally recommended if IUI fails.

2. Woman’s Age

Age plays a vital role in the success of infertility treatment. The higher the age, the lower the success rate. So women under 35 years have a higher chance of success with IUI.

3. Number of Cycles Required

The cost of treatment depends on the number of cycles required—the more cycles higher the cost of IUI treatment.

4. Medicines

Medicines are essential for any fertility treatment. And its cost can vary depending on the type and brand of drugs prescribed. The price can go higher in the case of injections.

5. Follicle Monitoring

There can be additional expenses depending on the number of times you may have to go for follicle monitoring and the location of the clinics. 

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