What Is IUI? How Does Intrauterine Insemination Work?

What is IUI?

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is an assisted reproductive technique (ART) used to treat infertility.

In this procedure, high-quality sperm collected, washed, and concentrated are placed directly inside a woman’s uterus when the ovary is released.

How Does Intrauterine Insemination Work?

1. Ovulation stimulation

Whenever the natural ovulatory cycle is off, medication is usually used to trigger ovulation through IUI.

2. Semen procurement

A male partner's semen sample is obtained before ovulation. Prior to the collection of the sample, it is recommended that semen be abstained for two to four days.

3. Sperm procurement

The semen sample is expertly processed in a laboratory by our fertility crew. In order to enhance its composition and density, sperm is separated from other components of the seminal fluid.

4. Cervical cleansing

A maturing ovarian follicle is almost ready for IUI.  When IUI is performed, the vagina is lightly cleansed with a speculum on the day of ovulation.

5. Insemination

The final step in the process of IUI is insemination. Catheters, a fine, lightweight tube, are used to insert sperm samples into the uterine cavity.

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