The IUI procedure is 7 Key steps to success

What is the IUI procedure steps?

Injectable medications, such as oral medications, are used to stimulate the ovaries to grow and mature their eggs

Egg growth stimulation

These tests and surveillance will help ensure that everything is safe. If the size of the egg is usually larger than 20 mm.

Blood monitoring and ultrasound

Ovulation induction is the process of using drugs to stimulate ovulation in women who have irregular or no ovulation.

Inducing Ovulation

This treatment includes the collection of female eggs and male sperm. He was sent to the laboratory.


Ovulation and progesterone levels were monitored after one week. Increased hormonal support is also supported in some patients.


This test was performed at least two weeks after the procedure. If the result is not positive, you can contact a doctor and start the procedure again.

Pregnancy Test