Infertility tests for women: what are they?

Infertility in women can be determined by the following test:

1. Hysterosalpingography

In this technique, ultrasounds or x-rays of the reproductive organ are done. The procedure is used to check for fallopian tube blockages and uterine defects.

2. Hysteroscopy

A device called hysteroscopy, a flexible thin device with a camera, is inserted into the vagina through the cervix to view the organ inside.

3. Saline son hysterogram (SIS)

During this test, saline water is used to fill the uterus cavity and assess for polyps, fibroids, or other structural abnormalities.

4. Laparoscopy

An abdominal laparoscopy examines your uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes by inserting a narrow tube with a tiny camera in to the abdomen.

5. Blood Test

Blood tests are used to check the patient's overall health, to detect HIV, and to diagnose underlying infections that may inhibit fertility.

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