ICSI Treatment Procedure

1. Ovulation Induction

This helps your ovaries to produce multiple eggs at once to mature. And then, a Lupron or HCG injection is given to assist with the final maturation of the eggs.

2. Egg and Sperm Collection

The doctor will collect the egg from the ovaries by inserting a thin needle through the vagina into the ovary using transvaginal ultrasound technology to guide the insertion.

3. Embryo Development

After six to eight cells have grown into blastocysts, the doctor evaluates the blastocyst's size and cell mass to determine when it's most likely to lead to pregnancy.

4. Embryo Transfer

Your healthcare provider will insert a catheter into your vagina and inject the embryo into your uterus.

5. Pregnancy Test

To check hormone levels, the doctor will plan blood tests every three days after embryo transfer. And you can do a pregnancy test after 14 days of the transfer.

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