Female Fertility By Age- Best Age To Get Pregnant

Female Fertility in 20

Women in their 20s are the most fertile and have a 50% chance of getting pregnant if having unprotected sexual intercourse on the most fertile day of their menstrual cycle.

Female Fertility in 30

The fertility of women begins to decline at around age 30.At this age, the quality and quantity of eggs decrease, so the chances of miscarriage and other complications in pregnancy or during delivery increase.

Female Fertility in 40

At age 40s, the chances of getting pregnant decrease to 7% after trying for three months. They have more chromosome problems which increase the risk of having a baby with:- Birth Deficiencies, Low Birth Weight, etc

Female Fertility in 50s and Beyond

Women in their 50s can have a baby with fertility treatment and donor eggs or donor insemination. The risk of complications such as hypertensive disorders, gestational diabetes,etc., is significantly higher at this age.

Different Fertility Option

You may be dealing with fertility issues if you are over 35 years or more and have failed to conceive after trying to have unprotected sex for six months or more.

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