Advanced Embryo Selection

In Past, very few options were available for dealing with men’s and women’s fertility issues. But now, due to advancements in science and technology, many options are available for infertility treatment.

They are more advanced and reliable than earlier. One such advancement is the Advanced Embryo Selection which has shown a promising result and has increased the chance of having a successful pregnancy earlier, which was not.

AES reduces the chances of multiple pregnancies associated with increased risk for maternal obstetric complications and many severe consequences of infant prematurity.

Thus, techniques such as extended embryo culture are developed to improve the ability of embryologists to choose a limited number of embryos for transfer. In this blog, we will discuss Advanced Embryo Selection (AES) in detail.

What is Advanced Embryo Selection (AES)?

Advance Embryo Selection is a more advanced preimplantation genetic diagnosis technique. It is used to treat couples who are unable to conceive or carry a healthy baby. In this, embryologists select the best embryo that has a greater chance of developing into a healthy pregnancy for implantation, decreasing the risk of miscarriage and thus increasing the pregnancy rate to a level of 65%.

Advanced Embryo Selection

How is the Embryo Selected?

It is a part of the IVF process as the embryo is formed outside the female body in a lab by conjugating the ovum and sperm.

Before inserting it in a female body, embryologists remove a single cell from each embryo and then screen these cells with an advanced 24Sure Array CGH (comparative genomic hybridization) technology.

The DNA from every cell’s nucleus is then multiplied thousands of times, placed on a DNA chip, and compared to average male and female DNA. And thus, select an embryo with an average chromosome profile for planting inside the female body.

What Is Array CGH Technology?

Array CGH technique screens all 24 chromosomes in a developing embryo. It detects the things like growth potentials present in an embryo, chances for genetic disorders, chances of survival of an embryo after the implantation, and more.

Embryo selection also ensures that IVF experts implant an embryo where all 24 chromosomes are appropriately screened. It thus increases the chances of having a successful pregnancy.

What are the Benefits of Advanced Embryo Selection?

The primary benefit of using an advanced embryo selection is that chromosomes are assessed before implantation, which reduces the risk of miscarriage and failed pregnancy. It thus reduces the women’s stress as the process can be completed overnight. The method of advanced embryo selection is done from a single cell on the third day of embryo growth, which means more embryos will be available for testing.

What is the Benefit of using the CHG Technique?

The advantage of CGH testing over traditional testing is that all 23 pairs of chromosomes can be tested, and the results are more accurate when trying for aneuploidy. CGH may increase IVF pregnancy rates by allowing recognition of the embryos most likely to make a pregnancy and then selected to be prioritized for transfer.

For whom Advanced Embryo Selection is for?

Advanced embryo selection is used for people having fertility problems. It is used for women who are 38years of age or more, have a history of recurrent miscarriage, or for a woman who has a history of failed IVF attempts. However, your fertility expert can best tell whether this is suitable for you.

What is the Process of Advanced Embryo Selection?

Advanced Embryo Selection process is done through:-

  • A single cell is analysed from the three-day-old embryo
  • Then undergoes various processes of comparative Genomic Hybridization Technology
  • The DNA of this cell is compared to the DNA of the typical male and female DNA
  • Based on the result, it is analysed whether this is suitable for transfer
  • Those who have a normal and healthy profile are only chosen for transfer

IVF without AES can be successful. But this process reduces the chance of miscarriage and other abnormalities and maximizes the possibility of having a successful pregnancy.


Advanced embryo selection increases the chance of having a successful pregnancy and thus reduces the case of miscarriage and other abnormalities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, advanced embryo selection is thriving and has increased the IVF’s pregnancy rate if the patient undergoes its treatment.

Women with a history of many miscarriages or failed IVF treatment etc., are suitable for the treatment. But it’s best to ask your fertility expert. They will guide you better.    

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